Our committed group of beauticians,  specially eyebrow specialists accompany innumerable long periods of involvement in the magnificence business. We endeavor to make each customer our need, ensuring we tune in to everything about that we feature every individual’s common magnificence.


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Powderbrows Eyebrows Design Touchup Extension Reconstruction
Powderbrows Eyebrows Design Touchup Extension Reconstruction

Bryan is awesome! I have been going to her for almost 20years!! She knows exactly how to form your brows according to your facial features resulting in a natural clean look. Thanks to her I’ve never had to fill in my eyebrows. Recently, I’ve started to bring my teenage daughter to Mona as well. If there were an option for more stars I would definitely click on them.


Marry is amazing! She has been shaping my eyebrows for years. She gets them exactly how I want them. They also provide waxing services. The place is very clean and they never double dip into the wax. The wax is also very easy to remove with water and does not require oil to remove. Make an appointment today with Nilofer and you won’t regret it.